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What James Baldwin and Sally Field Taught Me Last Weekend

I have a little more time on my hands these days. Fear is only insurmountable until you face it. Then, once you have looked "Fear" in the face, you realize that it only 5'2," pasty, sad, weak, and incapable of lifting an avocado, nevermind being capable of "ruining your life."

Once you have looked at "Fear," you can do anything. I knew this without knowing when I cashed out the savings my grandparents put together for me to stay in New York. I knew this when I blindly moved to Colorado. Somehow though, along the overly developed roads fueled by the green of hallucigenic plants and "big interests," people stopped mattering.

Then I realized that across the world people are ceasing to matter, as a collective anyway. The old have taken up arms against the young. The young are confused about immigrants and -isms. The 1% are laughing in their penthouses. Along the way, as the days ticked by to make me 30, I grew upset. Along the way I had for…

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