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I Accidentally Burned All My Boats

When you think of the phrase "do what you gotta do," very rarely do you picture a beautiful field with daffodils and butterflies when a luxurious unicorn surrounded by a cloud of glitter rushes up. . .
Me: "Should I pet it?"
The World: "Yo, It's a unicorn! Do what you gotta do."

Conventional wisdom is something we "know to be true," a belief or idea that gets repeated so often and for so long that we never stop to question it. Some of these little "truth nuggets" are helpful, such as eating apples and leafy greens, but remember when everyone thought you couldn't get pregnant the FIRST time? We accept certain ideas and sayings because it makes life a little bit easier. The less we have to figure out, the more we can do - in theory.

One of the biggest lies we are told is to "work hard." We love quotes like, "Winners never quit and quitters never win." People love to pull out how much Michael Jordan practiced …

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