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Who Got the Sage?

The word trauma is often reserved for very specific catastrophic events that happen to particular groups of people. In the popular culture, we think of hospital "trauma units" treating people who have been shot or brutally stabbed near to death. We may be able to imagine a child afraid to go home from school because they will be abused. We may even be able to recall a story of a friend or family member who has suffered an extreme loss to a terrible disease. These are all valid events that we can agree, in the popular culture, would change someone's behavior - pushing them to find a way to cope.

In the actual definition, the word trauma covers a wider red swath of experiences. Events that are disturbing or distressing beyond the everyday frustration of making a life are also included. All people are capable of enduring a certain amount of hurt. How else can one grow? But what happens, when it is assumed that certain groups can and must endure more than others? That mere …

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