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If You Master One Thing, Let It Be This

As the Internet creates more shards than the dark crystal, people are seeking guidance more than ever before. Astrologists have come back into fashion. Doulas are a must-have. You're downright uncivilized if you haven't done a cleanse. What is often lost in all the advice though, is that you can't buy self-control.
The first part of the word - self - makes it impossible for anyone or anything else to do the work you need to do to thrive in a world that is everything and nothing at all.  
It's true. The only thing you can control is you. This is hard because there is a part of our brain that craves intensity. It's the part that says you'll only see him one more time. It's the part that says one more shot won't hurt. If you can master self-control, if you can remain composed under duress, you win. That's it.

In 2018 I celebrated my 30th birthday. I am embarrassed to say there aren't any pictures because I had moved past a size 8. My body felt f…

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