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My Conversation with Larry

Have you ever wandered into a shop and ended up having a 2+ hour long conversation with the owner, whom you've never met before? It may sound like an SNL skit, but it was more like Lord of the Rings. I was talking to a legend and didn't even know it.

After my plan to attend an event in Downtown Denver was foiled by nonexistent parking, I proceeded to kill some time before I had to go to work in a quaint neighborhood nearby - Wash Park. There are a slew of restaurants and small shops on Gaylord St. between Mississippi and Tennessee Ave. - with enough street parking to accommodate a Toyota Camry on a random Tuesday afternoon. I wandered down the street with my full purse and laptop tote bag hoping to pop into an art gallery I had discovered last summer. Unfortunately, the space is now available for lease. I crossed the street to find a stationary shop that was more of the owner's workspace. There were cards for all occasions and random gifts everywhere. After about 5 minute…

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