Just for Cards

This holiday season has inspired me to exercise my inner Martha. Yes, I believe there is a little craftiness in all of us. I feel the urge to make napkin holders, picture frames, mirrors, and cards. These items would be incomplete however, without an unique message elegantly scribbled across. Feel free to read my musings for craft items below:

"Don't be surprised when your soul shakes"

"Hold me, it's been a while"

"All this with my head held high"

 "They will love your boldness"

"When the going gets tuff, we say honey bring it"

"I spell sweet M-E"

"Your greatness is my pride"

"The vibrations just keep on spinning"

"My words are visual"

"Wonder where I've been"

"My back is made of diamonds"

I would love to have artwork to accompany my musings of course. I see the expressions in very specific ways, particularly in women of color. I am not an artist, so that will have to be a future collaboration. However, when it goes down, it will be beautiful forever.


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