Keep It Lite

Don't ask me what's wrong again
because you're not gonna hear it
before you lay down w someone
you should already know what's in their spirit

I'm not mad at you just sick
sick of making the same mistakes that I do
And how do I feel
don't worry about that
All you wanna know is if I'll get all clingy,  or act a lil crazy

The answer is no
I'm not even gonna kick you in your sleep
and I will be out by the morning
no expectations of cuddling
because I know the deal
and you got what you wanted so be still
just be quiet
I'm on a no bull sh*t diet

But I will carry you with me
another broken memory for my brain
that will replay the refrain
It'll be fine I promise
that's why my heart is far away
waiting for someone to unlock it

Don't ask me about next time
because I'm busy after this
Please believe every call will be missed
I did get your text
but I'm not playing your game
I'm on to the next


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