Laugh! Please?

Alright so I'm just gonna get right to it.
There should be a BPF. If you can't expose yourself in public, or yell "Fire" in a theater...
Then damnmit, there should be a Bad Parenting Fine. I mean, I'm in the grocery store trying to compare prices on canned fruit and here is some bad ass kid trying to play hide and seek with the soup display. Now I get to thinking if that display topples on the kid I only have about ten minutes before all hell breaks loose, and I'm only on my second grocery item out of 20. It's selfish, but true. Now I'm irritated, distracted, and finally just end up with a $5 can of Dole pear halves. I hate pears. And I blame that kid's parents. The BPF. Maybe it will pass if I get Diddy in on it. Vote or Die. Bad boy baby. Take that, Take that.

From the Author
While I know you can't read my animated facial expressions and hand gestures, (unless you personally know me), I will be posting one minute stand-up bits. I am still tweeking my material and getting up the courage to do a five minute set, but either way I'll post my jokes here. DISCLAIMER: I am not calling myself a comedian, but I do self-deprecation well. :)


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