You Just Missed It

I'm sorry my friend
you just missed the train
The doors are closed
and now you scowl with disdain
You think to yourself
If only I had been
but it's too late to do
what you would have then
Going back in time is impossible
but man do we try
With this device and if onlys
Back in time we could fly
It seems so simple
to wait patiently for the next
But it is far more diffucult
when you feel it in your chest
Intense anticipation
a need to go farther
The rhythm driving you insane
You grip your bag harder
Hold on to you
cause that's all you got
Hold on to you
and everything thats not
The train is not there
You were not ready
It would have been perfect
If not for the early meeting
Yeah you just missed it
So please stop thinking
It's too late now
and these are moments you're wasting...

*Disclaimer: I don't really believe in punctuations. :) Enjoy


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