Battle til Death

Sometimes you forget how much strength you have
Sometimes you have to look higher than the sky
There was never a peace for which someone didn’t die

Sometimes you will be unhappy with yourself
Sometimes you will hate the world for all it has done
The trials are preparation for the war yet won

Sometimes you will be disappointed
Sometimes your sadness will shake you to anger
There would be no safety without danger
Emotions let us know we are alive
And they are the hardest part of livin
Even when life is makin you play the fool
Don’t be robbed of the good in front of you

Be Loved
Love <3

From the Author
This poem was inspired by someone who has encouraged me, and is stronger than they realize. Hoping that they open up to love. If you still want to buy some acres... well you know. It's like the old folks say... Trouble don't last always.


  1. E.Parks you are wonderful. God has blessed you to be a beautiful, talented young woman and I'm glad He allowed our paths to cross. Stay strong, uplifting, powerful and the amazing person that you are. You'll always have a friend in me.


    A.K.A Lady San Fran

    P.s. I will totally be following this blog! Creative geniuses inspire me to reach higher ^^^


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