Because It's Two

It will be harder than ever for me to love right
Giving permission for two pieces to take flight
You still dont believe the way I felt
You cant comprehend the mess you've left

My heart is heavy when it's broken in two
One half in love and the other hating you
Wishing that we had never danced all night
Its harder than trying to put up a fight

I didn't ask for this to happen
On my joy cruise you were co-captain
You already knew I was expecting so much more
I want to bash the wall in because you closed a door

Don't call me crazy cause that's what love is
Trusting someone for an unreal sense of bliss
Don't play the victim cause you know this is wrong
I had so much to give and now it's all gone

It will be harder than ever for me to love right...

From the Author
Sometimes I just have to put it out there and let it fly. Short and simple. True feelings. Nice words. Her back is made of diamonds. Goodnight!


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