Heat of the Moment: Numero Tres

*TOTAL DISCLOSURE: The following lines were written after work, on the train, on a scrap of paper that was buried in my purse. Sometimes I am hit by a sensation to write my feelings, to put my mind on paper. Words come out in the "heat of the moment." They are NOT always great, but the words are REAL. I would apologize, but that's the way HE made me.

Excuse me pretty lady, why do you cry
Did you just get let down by that so called special guy
The one that dances real nice and knows just what to say
Let me guess he's completely unavailable today
With a Stop you cant touch this on his heart
This MC Hammer dance was doomed at the start
Dont cry cuz he dont want you
Dont wonder what you can do
Cuz it aint gon do you no good

Excuse me pretty lady, why are you mad
Do you feel like that guy played a fool and you jus been had
You want to delete the number and toss the gifts
Forget all the stuff that "we" ever did
With a what was I thinkin all over your face
Scrolling through the numbers looking for someone to replace
Dont open a new door before the old one close
Theres a special place in Hell for people like those...


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