Sip, sip

Pass the rum and coke please
And don’t you think about playin’ no love songs
I don’t want to be on no deep shit
I just want to dance
I want to drink til I can barely stand
My heart is sick of bleeding and my brain hurts
It was supposed to be the perfect match that drug my spirit through the dirt
So pass the rum and coke
Please turn up the music
My hot body movin’ will cover up the bruises.
Yeah I got issues and that’s the beauty of this thang
The bartender servin’ knows exactly where I been,
And so does that girl with the apple-tini,
And the extra curvy chick with the wine
The one with the lace-front, she just know she fine
Oh and the skinny chick in the back with all the make-up on,
Was getting beat for months before she decided she was gone
So pass the rum and coke
I’m going to dip while I spin
Sip while I pop it
And do it again and again
You can’t tell me I’m wrong because I have been disappointed
And Im just going to dance instead of pulling a Jazzmin Sullivan
I hate it with a passion that I feel this way
I hate it that I can call out all of the females in the club
But it’s the one thing we can all blame, Love
Play a slow song you wanna
DJ I’ll turn this party out
Like Jay-Z and Rhianna, I wanna run this town,
Proclaim that I am single and wear my diva status on my sleeve
Because sometimes a diva, is just a sad chick with needs
Needs that can’t be met so I bought shoes not in the budget
I’m drinking liquor and taking shots
And you crazy if you think I gave my credit limit a second thought
Pass the rum and coke and worry about that other shit tomorrow.


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