All You Need

Hold me like you used to
I imagine your touch gently caressing the subtle crease above my thigh
I would begin to melt and you loved it
Tell me its sweet before planting a kiss on my neck
I grabbed your arm tighter

Hold me like you used to
I couldn't ever resist the way you would hug from behind
your hands resting on my hips
Made me wanna dance, the way you looked at me
Yeah I'll be your sugar honey baby forever

Hold me like you used to
My bed is a little too cold
With your hand around my waist I felt safe
You were my hero, my very own James Evans Sr.
Yes, I loved the Good times.

Its been a while since youve held me
but I know you still can
I know you want me, make you feel like a man
Small frame and soft, I'll give you want you need
I promise all I'm asking is for you to hold me


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