Dear Entitled Opinion

Oh I see you
You're one of those deep soul sistahs
Rockin the afro, debating politics and the pursuit of enlightenment in your spare time
You probably burn incense
And Yep, I smell cocoa butter
Damn girl I wish you weren't all conscious and stuff
I know hey shawty won't get it.
You probably like them Kanye lookin dudes
You like dreads?
I got dreads like Wacka
You don't listen to him though right
You probably don't eat meat...

It's funny how my hair defines me
I had to hold my head up when nobody liked it
and all I got was Eww yo hair so nappy
It is true my first love was a book
then I discovered Johnny Gill
It is true I like the way my glasses sit on my face
and coca butter smells oh so sweet
You falt me because I revere Nefertiti
Like I cant love men no matter style or hue when they smile
Yes, I raise a suspicious eye when the talking heads spit on Fox
But I dont wanna be Angela and I dont wanna be Oprah
I have decided to love being me in every complexity and attitude I choose to display

I cry
I don't labor over politics because that is not my job
Dreams of ballin in the Macy's Homegoods dept. swim in my head
You dont know me or what I can be or how I came to where I am
Whether I praise Jesus or Allah
I am not angry, but I do need understanding
Expand your view of what sexy is
Try to take a second look at the unfamiliar
But don't steal glances and silently judge just shaking your head
I am Independent AND Approachable because I am a real person
I do not intend to symbolize or iconize any -ism
I dont march
I dance to Wacka and Gaga and then I meditate on Badu
You are invited into my world whenever you have time

From the Author
This poem was inspired by all the times I have gotten the look that says "You are one of those girls/them." I share this with all of my ladies, natural or not, beacause it is terribly frustrating when people think they KNOW YOU from one look. This poem was all over the place because I am. I am not one-dimensional and don't know how to be. I admit that I have a public face, a friend face, and twenty others... I'm like a box of chocolates haha. So S/O to all the Russell Stovers, Whitman's Samplers, Godiva Assortments. :)


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