It has finally happened
mysterious and swift
I didn't even see it comin
hard and fast
I feel it give a strong kick
two knocks
This one will grow up to be strong I know it
safe inside

I am pregnant

I walked through a door one day
eager and observant
Mouths opened and ejaculated profound messages
soft and serious
Words of eternal struggle, words of change,
words I understood and from then on belonged to me
true love

I connected and felt warm, having mind sex with another is so divine
sweet and satisfying
I thirst for another round and wait for the next eruption
can't stop
Now I have these thoughts that go beyond
deep and wide
I have an opinion backed w/ evidence
retrieved through research ready to come through my lingual canal
get ready

I thank my professors who only fed me crumbs because now the bread is all mine
delicious and hot
I thank the spirits I have found so I am not floating alone
connected and strong
In life I perpetuate the line of thinkers, doers, and lovers
though young
I can only warn the world to be ready when I give birth
now and forever


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