My X Factor

I am in love with revolutionaries
from Sojourner Truth to Kwame Nkrumah
stolen from Africa I have to recognize Ghana
from slaves to leaders like President Obama 
Black is beautiful

I am in love with revolutionaries
I believe in Marcus Garvey
and Malcolm X said it best
changes must come from a state of unrest
Fighting is in my blood

I am in love with revolutionaries
Let me sing and blow your mind
the voices of Pearl Bailey and Nina Simone are divine
I identify their struggle with mine
History is in my song

I am in love with revolutionaries
Harry Belafonte is more than handsome
Injustice is the devil because Nat Turner told him so
With two hands to rise up a resounding NO
Freedom is in my destiny

I am in love with revolutionaries
Have you heard Angela and remixed it with Maya Angelou
The Earth moved when one little brown girl went to school
Words formed as weapons like Langston Hughes
Change power is in my voice

I am in love with revolutionaries
I can open my heart to the nations
and support my man like Michelle
helping the youth to thrive and live well
Love is in my being

I am in love with revolutionaries
I can march like Martin and be rich like Madam CJ
The influence of Du Bois is profound
Possibilities in everything from sports to space abound
There is strength in my mind, heart, and soul

I am in love with revolutionaries <3

From the Author
The past week has been filled with amazing history lessons for me. Beginning with a Lupe Fiasco Ustream talking about a biography written by Du Bois on John Brown, to a walk-through of the Brooklyn Museum, and I will fast forward to my purchase of the latest book by Walter Mosley on yesterday. No matter your race or religion it is important to know your history- know that you are not handicapped by past oppression or limited to current fads. I encourage everyone, whether you like this poem or not, to delve deeper into whatever you feel represents you. Expand your mind for a wealth of future opportunities.

I thought this was interesting:
"X Factor"


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