Some Kind of Way

So I just got the news
real ass-backwards I would say
Not sure if I'm mad
but I feel some kind of way

It was all good and I was sprung
but once you take that leap thats it
once you in the air you breathe different
But then the fall makes you have a fit

If you don't die on the landing
You rise up stronger
You raise your hands to God
You promise not to play victim any longer

The new ascension boosts your system
Back to the grind you know so well
Its time to make the Devil a liar
Every moment you are thankful you fell

Until you remember
The memories of being blasted off into space
Pictures pop up like a published Facebook album
Eyes closed tight to try and erase his face

It was all kinds of shady
The fall left bruises for days
You didn't know because they were masked
But now you feel some kind of way


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