Bodily Defeat

Understanding with a great sense of humor
It had been a wonderful date
So enraptured by his company I didn't notice it had gotten so late
I said that I had to go and asked for the nearest train
"Are you serious its 2am you can crash at my place"
His offer hung in the air
But it was the only real option
The harsh reality of cab costs set in
Far away from home not even in the same borough
I made up in my mind to tackle this thorough
"Ain't no panties comin off" I said with my Southern twang
"No panties comin off" he replied the same
But he smiled and chuckled because he probably hears it every time
But I looked at him and I thought I'd be different cause he not really that fine
I had no desire to see him naked
No desire to show him mine
So we went back to his place and I was feelin fine
He tossed me some basketball shorts and I hopped into bed
With a black du-rag he tied up his dreads
He laid down beside me and then it all began
The rush of sweet feelings from being close to a man
Strong arms and warm he tried to kiss me goodnight
The first two I dodged but couldn't keep up the fight
His hands went to work and I was losing the battle
He was quite talented  indeed
Moving and sensing my body's every need
"Stop, what did I tell you, go to sleep" I said
"Ok babe you got it," but now he was all in my head
We rested for a while then came the early morning poke
I tried to ignore it because I didn't want to know
I'm trying to work on myself and not give my love away
Stand calm and knowing on judgment day
He was pressing him member trying to wear me down
Had my heart racin' so I couldn't turn back now
It was a slip of the fingers to tickle touch just right
The touch that almost worked in the middle of the night
Half asleep the shorts came off quickly
Then he caressed my back so gently
Kissing on my chest with a reach for the rubbers 
We were soon making the beast with two backs like true lovers
Too long without love it had been
So I reluctantly opened up my legs to sin
Felt so amazing every minute of every hour
He had mastered my body then took a shower
And as I laid back on my side to sleep
I realized it was just another case of bodily defeat


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