Don't Call Me Angry

Yes I threw away those stupid socks you gave me
They were green and gray with four leaf clovers but I am not a leprechaun
In the trash those go, now that you are gone
I will forget every smile you put on my face
I must've been crazy messing with a "man" without his own place
One, two, at least three RED FLAGS
I chose to ignore them so I can't really be mad
So much love to give I tried to make "US" happen
Now I sit back and laugh at all the lies I would imagine
Lies like
I can make him fall in love
All it takes is time
Of course he's not messing around, all that lovin is mine
I should have remembered the cliches and saw it how it was
Hurt people, hurt people
No matter how they cover up
You needed me
You needed to free the pain in your heart by stabbing me in mine
The lies that you told yourself actually made me cry
The tears don't fall anymore and the number has long been deleted
I'm dying to love but I wont die for a love that was already defeated
Learn from your mistakes
Mistakes like
Throwing your money at a lost cause
Giving a cheater a second chance
Dreaming too big too soon
You need to see your man in all phases of the moon
See what drives him crazy before you drive him wild
Next time I will not jump all in when he makes me smile
Because what I need is someone who will wipe the tears away
Support me on my every-so-often off days
Yes, that special caress that you shied away from
Will one day make his heart run
It happened, its done, and I wouldn't take it back
Don't call me angry
You can call it a comeback


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