We can be better friends
All we need is the Internet
Shut up it doesn't matter if we haven't met yet
I will post on your wall
and you can comment on my link
We can share all day I can upload in a blink
Now Im following you on Twitter
Come on follow back you shouldn't think twice
I'm part of TeamBreezy cause he dance so nice
OMG at your last Tweet
Did you read my reply
I cant believe he tried to talk with crust in his eye
Did you just check in at Red Mango
Why didn't you tell me
If I went somewhere I'd tell you through IM instantly
What is your BBM
This cant happen again
This social networking is great, look at all my friends
I have so many friends on Facebook because I'm social
My profile pic shows my assets and I'm proud of it
I know my ex is tight now he stalks me and acts like he doesn't
Let me add you to my network
I'm a F---ING professional
My resume and picture just scream intellectual
I don't have a problem with whats real and what's not
This is the new age
The lines between real and not are blurry anyway!
I NEED the Internet
I would be SO BORED without it
Livin before 2004 cool? Ha I doubt it.
More people have smart phone than degrees, now what does that say
I have to stay connected at all times
While the real world fades away.


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