Dying Sensibility

Fallin' with both feet on the ground is just a heavy lean
I apologize in advance for saying things I don't mean
I apologize if I might feign emotion
But I'm still recovering from having my heart broken
You have the most beautiful smile I've ever seen
Dark chocolate skin to showcase perfectly straight teeth
You feel so right that I want to let go
but the sign in my mind says caution, slow
Like ol' school Michael just Ease on down
Like New Edition I need to Cool it now
I don't want to get caught up and give it all away
To find out once again I cant make him stay
I'm not a playdate, a playmate, a toy
So please understand my side-eye boy
Don't get it wrong I want love I'm trying
But the beginning of love is sensibility dying

Love make sense like Glen Beck and Rosie O' Donnell holding hands
Love make sense like a shark playing in the sand
It just don't make sense
but for some reason I swear I want all of it
I want to hold you close and make promises of forever
I want to hold you close and whisper naughty things I thought I'd never
When you kiss me on my forehead and say I'm amazing
that is exactly what my heart has been craving
You might be able to mend this crazy heart of mine
All I ask for is patience and time
I wont go through your phone no more
I wont fight holdin' hands in the store
Because I want to trust you
I want look into your eyes and see me too
Please try to sweep me off my feet and give me what I need
The world gets heavy all alone with just me
See past my words and know how I really feel
I'm just scared because this Love could actually be real
It would be then end of I, the beginning of us
Just hold me baby, as I fall into trust


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