Failure is not an option
Fueled by my insecurities
when I step up I give 100 TRILLION % of ME
It's how I was bred to be young, gifted, and Black
Now I'm telling my life and giving you the facts
The wicked dont sleep so its a crazy pace I keep
Remembering that any moment it could fade away
I try to leave my mark every single day
I see painted faces and gorgeous masks
but my face is bare and I walk with class
Too concerned with whats within to put it all on
Movin quick thinking fast before I'm gone
When death hits home
You remember not live in a glass house and throw stones
I smile when I mean it
I dance when I hear it
I say Sh*t when I feel it
I'm too gone to quit
You could say I'm hype, but I wont believe you
Cause my biggest fear is to fall off and loose
Original is one word for me, unconventional makes two
You might get dizzy tryin to calculate how I do
Let me pour my heart out and see how it go
Writing since 12 what else do you need to know
My pen is my lover, my best friend
Only the paper knows where my thoughts begin and end
Call it an ode, a rap, a poem, whatever you please
When you grind for you, call it PEACE
Dig on this energy because when its good its surreal
Maybe its my smile, my smarts, my sex appeal
I do this thing and that job but its still not enough
Know my actions and my words don't care about fake stuff
Just looking around at all this Made in China
But my dollar says God Bless America
Believe it or not but time is always racing you
I speak my mind so nobody gets it confused
My friends know who they are and phonies don't ask for favors
Time is too short to keep putting love off for later
My heart is open and I keep music in my head
The thoughts that swim around would leave a normal person dead
*Whisper *Whisper. Yeah a little off center its the way I am
Rockin cause I was made to, so I don't give a damn


  1. You're prolly tired of my comments, but I really enjoy your blog and have put some of my friends on to it. I been working crazy hard and have had to get caught up on my reading...

  2. I definitely appreciate the love. Couldn't ever get tired of that, just wish I knew who you were ;)


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