Passion or Paycheck?

I want to take a moment to once again be candid on the blog. I have been a little busy with work, which every working professional knows, is a pro and a con. Pro: You love that you are getting more respect and responsibility (i.e. money). Con: You inherently have less time. This could be less time for friends, family, or for the terribly creative, artistic people out there: YOUR PASSION.

I love to write and perform. Getting back into my poetry in New York has been amazing, but I have honestly opted out of a few open mics in place of sipping wine out of my Georgia mug and taking some ME time at home. While I know this is OK. There are moments where I wish I could quit my job, dust of my headshots, and recruit a trustworthy manager (insert cynical laugh here).

Reality shows today LOVE the "This is all I have" contestants- the struggling artist on Project Runway, the girl who was living in her car before American Idol... However, the truth is, for every "I have nothing" creative, there are at least 10,000 more. Then, you have the other million wanna-be Ron Howards, Will.I.Ams, and J. Huds who are plugging away at their day jobs and singing in the church choir on the side.

So there it is. If you have ever actually LISTENED to Rhianna (as opposed to watching her on mute fellas), you will agree that just maybe passion and drive can get you to the top a little faster than actual talent. Ladies and gentlemen at what point do you say, "F my student loans IMA BE A STAR!" Or actually live in your car until your big break, because while entrepreneurs may save and have a business plan, you CANNOT take a month full of audition appointments to the bank. What do you think? Can you become Jay-Z with a day job? 

I know there are those dream jobs that people invent where they turned their passion into a paycheck. However, this post is for the girl who was determined to be the next Kerry Washington, looks better, but works in Finance because it pays 60K a year to 24 year-olds. Now let that marinate.    


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