Use My Love

I don't know how you feel and I couldn't imagine
but I see it in your eyes, the pain and sadness
My jacket, my shoulder, my blouse, my sleeve
Trust that I am here with whatever you need
I don't know why people die or where they go
but reminds us to cherish life even when we are low
It is always the little things that make us
It is always the little things we think of
I will make a goofy face and try to make you smile
If only to relieve your mind for a little while
Even if I don't like you I will love you like you need
Cry alone in the shower then bring it all to me
My chest is where you can lay my head
You can stroke my arm as we lay in bed
When the morning comes I know nothing will have changed
You will get dressed to go about your day
Because I can't bring your brother back
There is no man on Earth with the power to do that
So now you are mad at the world and may not call for days
But when you come back around I will treat you the exact same
Because I love you and I don't know how you feel
but you can use my love while you heal

From the Author
This poem is dedicated to a special friend of mine who recently lost a brother of his. If you have never lost someone close to you, and then a friend of yours does, you may not know what to do/say. I have learned to offer understanding. All my people, Keep your head to the sky...


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