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If you don't know me, I like to express myself. If you do know me, I like to express myself. Most recently, I performed in a Spoken Word showcase put on by DaRuddest Jones. Since last Friday, quite a few people have been asking me how it went- "It went well." "Everyone was hot." "I spit hot fire." << Dylan voice

The truth is, those statements are no where near enough to describe what took place on July 29th at Night Flight in Brooklyn, NY. Let me paint you a picture...

When I came out of the Sterling train station at 5:40pm, I was running late for the 5:30pm run through. I walked as briskly as I could four long blocks to Albany Ave. Passing houses that looked lived in, Caribbean flags out of the window, and I started thinking "this is it." An audition and two rehearsals later, I was about to perform for only GOD knows who at a brand new spot.

I arrived at what looked like a quiet Jamaican restaurant. Ox tail soup was one of the lunch specials. The venue manager and DJ Girl Wonder were working on getting the stage together. DaRuddest was checking in on the other poets. I decided to freshen up and get dressed before we started running going through the show.

The dress code was red and black. Being the Bulldawg I am, I didn't have a problem with that at all. Although, I did go shopping and found the perfect red earrings with ruby red crystals in them. Perfect. Ready for the stage all of the poets took some time to go over their pieces on the stage and with the mic. I was hype, nervous, and inspired- all at the same time.

The house opened at 8:00pm. The other half of the restaurant had a full bar and lounge area. It was dimly lit with candles. Dj Girl Wonder was spinning all the right tunes (think India Arie "Brown Skin") and the environment was warm, despite the rainy weather. We all waited for more people to fill the space and at some change after 9 it was showtime. I was ready like a restless boxer. Neo Soul opened with a piece about Brooklyn. I heard the crowd snap and ad lib. They had come for some real sh*t and we were all there to give it.

Yrests and I were up with our love pieces. The words came out better than I had rehearsed, with the energy and heart of every great date and bad breakup. Yrests was up and by the time he professed his love for me on stage, the crowd was all over the applause. We left everything on stage, then regrouped to do it again. The love set rolled on with performances from Shadenia Davis, Neo Soul, and headliners Hrsh Reyalitee, Blue, and DaRuddest.

After intermission, we went into the political set and headliners. I will not go through every nuance of every performance. You will just have to catch the next showcase. I will tell you, that after every piece we all showed each other love, and I feel safe in saying, learned a little something about the other poet.

Distinct in style and content, each poet brought IT to the stage. Speaking for myself, when I perform, the words become than some feeling I had two weeks ago. Each line is for the girl who snaps, the guy who says "Sh*t Girl," and making it easier for the poet up next. Interact with us, enjoy us, learn from us- that is what spoken word is all about. Go to your next poetry show, leave your preconceived notions at home, and respond when we ask- "Do You Feel Me?"

Peep the pic in the previous post, and you can always find video clips under the Appearances tab!


  1. I don't know why this is my first time seeing this but I totally love it. Damn you just made me relive that day!


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