Cannot is ONE Word, Boys CANNOT Multitask, and Other Things

There are a few things I have learned this year: cannot is one word, you cannot stop people from wearing tights with cutoff shorts in Williamsburg, and oh yeah, boys cannot multitask.

If you have ever been to my blog before, then more than likely you have read a poem or two. Now while a few are a celebration of my African decent and reflections on life, more than a few are about love and relationships (or the lack thereof).

I have come to understand that when a guy is getting himself together he sees that as a task. When he is dating someone/has a girlfriend that is another task. When he is taking care of his family, this is yet again, another task. Now all of these are seemingly important, but needless to say the dating/relationship duty of it all, for a lot of guys, gets pushed into the "I'll save it for later" pile.

Now, there is nothing inherently wrong with this pile. More women have a pile too these days. However, it is my belief, that even with the best intentions this pile will get lost for a lot of people who really wanted to do something with it. To bring this metaphor to life, men will be sorting through the crazy, bitter, and/or single mothers of it all at 40 (for women replace bitter with noncommittal, mothers with fathers). Moving on...

Before the men go up in arms, I am not saying you should go after every girl all broke and thirsty. I am saying to my ladies who have not jumped into the 27-30 dating pool yet, why wait? If a relationship is what you seek, giving it up to a 25 year-old undergrad is probably not the way to go.

The moral of the story is: No matter how you feel about relationships, or where you see yourself, you have to be REAL about your situation. Learning how to accept the truth will save you some heartache and spare him the threatening "Do you know who I am" text messages. Ok, maybe that last one is just me ;)


  1. I believe this to be an insightful and thought-provoking read. Definitely spoke to me as a young adult trying to sort out the "piles" as best as I can. However, I do think that some are better at multi-tasking than others, and both men and women can be easily classified into either category. I'll use this post as a reminder to be sure to pay attention to my personal life here and there.


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