Prolific Interlude

I don't have to brag
Don't call myself a bad B*tch
I'll trade swag for class
Peep the sway in my hips
Get your poise up ladies
The real men are waiting
Don't just give them babies
We're more than animals mating
If you wait for love
it will come
If your trust is Above
you will get the right one
The right one, the right life, the right you
Its not just about the money, the stacks
In this life green cotton is not enough to get through
Open your heart to be filled with what you lack
Too much entertaining
Not enough truth
Too much complaining
Not enough education for the youth
Lead by example and say what you mean
Pay attention to your surroundings
Tired of people only listening when its obscene
Technology has erased the Human Being
Goblins, Goons, N*ggas, and Hoes
It's disappointing
This is not why we marched in droves 

Learn this: when you know better, do better, then teach someone else

**Drops the mic


  1. *screams I freakin love this one! OMG E I really think this one is my favorite...I mean my absolute favorite!


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