We Just Foolin' (The Heartbreak Lullaby)

You do, but you don't
You say I Love you, then you go
Its always followed by "Don't get it twisted,
I'm way too young to be committed"
Please believe I'm not trying to hold you back
I say I can wait, throwing the white flag
Was excited to see you, but not sure what I missed
All of our conversations end up like this
My mind is dizzy because it could be a lost cause
My heart is heavy, Rick Ross

Sometimes I can't stand you, but it's not your fault
I let my guard down and you burst through my walls
Always the perfect fit
That moment when my leg quivers and I bite my lip
Always better than the last
We fight and make up fast
There's no resolution for what we doin because I can't pull back
Once you've gotten my love it's a wrap
I should dismiss you altogether, fed up
But my foolish pride won't let me let up
He's a good man and you don't want to be alone
Tired cause all my life that's what I've known
Tired cause I'm sick of fighting life by myself
So I'm tryin hard not to fire the help

Yes there are others and there always will be
But my fingers are crossed this record is not a repeat
Show me, tell me, then leave me
But they don't forget to say "I'm sorry" before the goodbye
As I think Hell yeah you sorry and so am I
Beacuse even though I hope its different this time
I continually end up singin the heartbreak lullaby


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