What Usher Taught Me on a Friday Night

I have to admit that on most Friday nights I relax. I try to forget all of the "I know dis hoe didn't just..." moments of the week. I surf the web, watch a little TV, treat myself to food I didn't have to cook, etc. Tonight I found myself caught up in the story of Usher Raymond: Behind the music.

Like every Behind the Music episode, the Narrator recounts the celebrities climb to fame, but then they get into the main controversy of that star's career. VH1 revealed that Usher's absentee father left him longing for a serious relationship and family, which led to Usher and Chilli and then Usher and that Goldigger, Cougar, Tameka. He now has two sons, no wife. The question is though, does it matter?

Many blogs have cried out that single mothers need love too, but to be honest, I believe they get it. Men with children, on the other-hand, get the side-eye like no other. I am guilty of it. I met the most handsome chocolate man at a Central Park pic-nic last weekend. He was employed, intelligent, and came with three kids. (Three kids is Good Times Dy-no-mite, Thelma, and Michael for those of you who work better with visuals.) My heart sank a little. In that moment, I realized the step-parent hood of it all will soon be just another part of life like the bi-weekly Macy's One Day Sale. 

In a previous post I mentioned men and women putting off serious relationships and marriage for other things. This generational awareness of life after college - sans a spouse - creates a larger gap of time where "sh*t happens." Along with waking up in strange places and skinny dips, the "sh*t happens" category has come to include baby mamas/daddys. Fact: women may have to catch up to men in dealing with this. If you don't want to except it you could look for a "clean man" who has spent years in prison for racketeering. :)

**Special shout-out to the Atlanta Housewives for teaching us about life.**


  1. Three kids is a full package. I have a sister and two friends who have children of there own, but for some reason refuse to date a man with kids...I was confused?? Anyway, all of them pretty much said the same thing. They do not want to deal with the mother....I guess to each it's own!

  2. It can definitely be tough, but I feel like the men deserve a fair shake too. I suppose we will see in the next decade. Maybe we all be part of super families. Lol.


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