Well Done Sir

I usually do not cross the burning sands of current events on my blog. However, as I have produced numerous videos, Photoshoped pictures, and named my Macbook Pro Naomi, I feel the need to comment on the recent passing of Steve Jobs.

For the people who did not know who Mr. Jobs was before his untimely demise was trending on Twitter, or believe that he was just a guy who made computers... I am sorry. You are completely entitled to your opinion, but Mr. Jobs did the one thing that people dream of, without a major studio film or a microphone. I am not saying he was the Messiah or a perfect person. I never met him. Although, what I do know is that there are few people (outside of finance) who know the CEO of any other Fortune 500 by name and face.

My story is similar to many. I had been a PC user all my life. Then one day my too heavy, forever crashing laptop died. As a college student with aspirations for working in the media I decided to switch. Walking into the Apple store I was nervous, anxious, and still in disbelief that I was about to drop that kind of money on an 6lb machine. I was afraid to take it out the house for about two weeks. (I didn't buy the Apple Care.)

Although, after I bought my black protective case and keyboard protector, Naomi and me were hitting the streets. This was roughly: two college degrees, 100 job resumes sent, 4 roommates, three years ago. Needless to say, I haven't looked back since. Simply knowing that my computer is less likely to get a virus and lose everything is worth it for me.

Now I am not all Appled-out (iPhone, iPad, etc), but what Mr. Jobs built is more than a few cool products. He told us that we deserve to not just talk to our family, but see them wherever they are. We deserve to not get lost in the state of Alabama. I could go on forever with this list. Bottom line, he told us we deserve the world and made it happen, without being a pimp. For not breaking his promises and living up to a world of expectation (literally), I will forever respect and deeply appreciate what Steve Jobs has done. If I ever see him when I get where I am going. I will tip my hat and tell him "Job well done sir, no pun intended" :) 


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