All the Measures

If its 365 days, 12 months in a year,
how long should I wait?
I met you after sundown somewhere around hour 17 of the 24
You had the most beautiful teeth framed with Black lips that I had ever seen
You had my number within minutes of conversation
It did not take long for you to call and ask for a date
Approximately 3 days I think
Sooner than later I invited you for dinner
Tuna steak, sweet potatoes, summer squash, and zucchini
Made your plate and poured your wine like a real woman do
Over the course of 4 weeks we dated
We got close
Close like 1 and 0 to make ten
Then horizontally like the pressed layers of soil to make rock
We did a 1000 years work in a night
Now its not quite the same
Romance took off like the speed of light
In 700 million miles an hour my heart couldn't catch my mind 
Now the calls are non existent, 
you don't answer my texts in seconds like you used to 
The pace is down like Netflix stock
When did we get in the red boy?
No, it's not me you just need some time 
Like 3-6 months to make nice wine from scratch?
How long should I wait?
Its a terrible anticipation when the thought of your touch makes my heart race.
This has gotten out of hand 
I fall back like daylight savings time but what do I gain?
I want you as my man, but I can't play games.
If 1 is the loneliest number I'm calling me and myself for a ménage
Then if there's time for you we can be a beautiful quad
But right now I just don't know how long 
and I can only be so patient


  1. WOW! That was amazing! Nothing more to say besides the fact that you have pure talent!


  2. I really appreciate it. Share it with your friends if you like ;)


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