Hoes Be Winning?

I remember when some of the most excited conversations I had in Middle School revolved around the latest episode of Moesha. After the Q vs. Usher debate, we would mosey on down the hall to class singing -Mo to da, E to da...

These days my younger female cousins call and ask me if I've seen the latest episode of Basketball Wives. Now for those who don't know- the show features 6 non-married women who have had romantic ties to NBA players and now live the "Good Life" in some major city. However, they must combat haters and non-relevant hoes in their struggle to maintain. To young girls it sounds like an exciting video game.

My problem is not that Kim Kardashian, rapper baby mama's, and all of the "Wives" have used sex to get some kind of money to brag about, but that by observing the spectacle we have all subconsciously told our girls that this is the way to go. The Amber Cole incident did not shock me at all because if she was 5 years older and her boyfriend was 50 cent she would have gotten a thumbs up from popular culture and some new red bottoms.

We could ask where were the parents, school officials, etc, but when the 2011 peer conversation revolves around oral sex techniques and fly "hoes" who are now cashing big checks, the problem has gone far beyond a few authority figures. Fantasy and reality have clashed in a terribly confusing way for girls and BOYS. We need to start talking facts. I was once told "silence is consent," and that phrase has never resonated with me more than it does right now.

While I did not watch the Kim K. wedding special or the divorce interview, I owe it to my cousins and every young girl I know to tell them you don't have to s*ck or f*ck for fame -just look at Michelle Obama, Venus Williams, your own natural beauty.

What do you think about the recent "Hoes Be Winning" mantra? Are the short-term gains worth sexing celebrities/ballers for fame? What should we be telling our boys and girls about sex and celebrity?


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