Family Style

This is a dedication
because I see you
You thought no one noticed
but I do
I think of all the things I could have been
but I am a hopeless creative because of you
Your gifts are already in the mail
but they will never be able to tell
just how I really feel
Because you dig all of my idiosyncrasies you ill
Because you put up with my mood swings
and love me whether I'm out the house or in
No teenage pregnancies for you to cope with
I wouldn't have been able to face you if I did
The high expectations is what made me
The love is what encouraged me
I came into my own, but you've been there all the way
Must have been evolution like Badu say
And it wasn't always that easy and we didn't always have electricity
But that was when the passion and drive grew
That was when I would wake up and know I had to make it
I still do
I haven't let go, I go harder for you
Show and prove at every point because I don't know what else to do
This is a dedication because I see you
Somewhere, sometime I gonna buy a mountain and put your faces in it
That sounds just right cause we the 99%, earned it
We still not always eye-to-eye
but I respect your way and you mine
For the best, for the best, those words ring true now
Taking care of self, I know how
This thing comes full circle now I see
My special dedication for the love in me


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