White Boys on the Horizon

He digs how I spit poetry with that carefully crafted cadence, loves my naturally kinky curls, and asked "Where are the Black Girls?" when the hoochies in motion Knicks dancers came out. Is he Black? Not hardly. Ok, so he's not Black at all.

6'2 with dusty blond hair and a reason to wear sunscreen, my date was just as pleasant and fun as any other I've been on. So what's the point? The point is that there isn't one, but for some reason we are still blinking at interracial dating/couples.

1) Some words/phrases I don't want to hear no matter what race a person happens to be-
    ignorance will NEVER be cool to me.
2) I can respect the opinion of any intelligent person and similarly, can articulate my thoughts,
    no matter what race they are.
3) I want someone who supports my passions and personal decisions no matter what race they are.

Now I understand that people try to account for history and may rule out anyone who doesn't know about "Red" Kool-aid as the basis for their love life. THAT IS FINE TOO. To be clear, this post is not to glorify interracial dating. However, if a person lacking Pigment is holding my hand it is not fair to assume...

1) I must be with him for the money.
2) I am not Black, am in denial of my Blackness, and have forsaken all Brothas.
3) I like/eat mayonnaise. 

In fact, for anyone to suggest anything other than Black is Beautiful and that the world is finally catching the hell on is, in my opinion, on the ignorant/insecure side.

To be clear, this post IS NOT condoning Ebony/Black fetish, nor am I speaking for every Black woman who dates other races of men or ONLY dates some other race.

This post is to simply say that if people are open to be non-discriminatory when it comes to lovin' who are you to judge? It's like a buffet line- not everybody is going to pick up the same thing, so mind your plate and make sure you get as much mac and cheese you want the first time, 'cause you might miss it on the second go.

 And now a little comedic relief on the topic...

*Peace, Love, and Hairgrease


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