Have a Seat

If you are making moves then why the hell you talking?
And if you really making moves then why you worried about where I been?
I see you movin your thumbs to post on Twitter
Maybe that's why girls getting real money has you bitter.
No I believe you. You are definitely a boss.
But I also believe that's your mom's car you floss.
Look being an adult is not what you claim.
It's about knowing who you are and doing it in His name.
You don't see a ninja when they doin work taking out the enemy
So don't get it confused when you don't see me
Ghost, Casper but maybe not so friendly
The good life don't ever come easy and it sure ain't free
Never had time for gossip and now I'm good.
Keep a tight circle around me like I should.
I will look at you sideways if I don't feel your vibe.
You will state your business before I tell you all of mine.
I've said before and it stays on repeat:
Some people want to find you out so they blow out the embers
Knock down the tree before you say timber
Be ready at all times
Be ready for the right one let to let your light shine.
Forget a new year, everyday is a new day.
Without the right mindset your bad habits won't ever go away
Please recognize there is a difference
from what you WANT and what you NEED
Because you Need every Want if you trust the industry
The system that has been built is something else
So find the truth and go with what is felt
My heart bleeds but I still take the world every minute, every mile
I fix my hair, dress up, and put on my smile
Phase me, if only
Destroy me, not yet
The truth, I'll find
Because the diamonds on my back were earned not mined.


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