Nobody Taught Me

I wanted to add a note that the inspiration and motivation behind this piece was a recently released documentary "Sing Your Song." This amazing film, with MLK Day following, reminded me that complacency is indeed The Devil. Regardless of what you believe, or where your spirituality lies, silence is rarely the answer. This is why I exercise my freedoms on this blog and encourage others to do the same someway, somehow. Let us lend a hand to those who want it, and keep the faith for those who don't.

I am another bitch, trick, hoe
Some say I never had enough love
but I long forgot what I did fo'
All I know is that I need to get that green
It just so happens the price is my self worth and self-esteem
Even if I did go to college,I'd be jobless with a degree
So now you tell me what's that supposed to mean
to me and my baby I had at 17.
I am not in despair.
I am conditioned.
Don't want to hear how wrong is this life I'm livin.
My mom she works, she works HARD,
but was never happy.
So now tell me, who am I to be?
We are surviving because no one taught us how to fight.
Get up, stand up was more like shut up and sit down.
A full stomach was the only dream worth the plight.
My country tis of the, sweet land of conformity...
Institution is what I see
Since infancy me and brothas have to look out for the police
And when he hits me I know he mad at the street.
Don't ask me how we got here because I don't know
If you talking about John Brown and Marcus Garvey
there isn't much I can say.
But I did download the Rick Ross mixtape today.
It goes hard.
I see other Black people doin stuff legit, but they not from where I'm from
They don't see me because they are all at some sh*t called brunch
I call it fried bologna and hot fries for breakfast and lunch.
I say what's up to Mohamed at the bodega, never wondered why he ain't Black.
To me it's all just jail, trickin, or crack.
Don't get it twisted, I know how to read.
I won the "Most Avid Reader" award in fifth grade.
But soon after my rosy shaded world went gray.
They shut down the rec center and my teacher was reassigned.
All of a sudden I just had too much time.
Too much time and not enough outlets,
so this was the poverty house that the hood built.
"I never saw a wild thing sorry for itself" something I read.
Don't you dare pity me because I will make sure I'm fed.
I will make sure that I can get on, just like my mama did.
The hood to me is no more of a trap than Starbucks is.
I have been conditioned.
What I speak is what I know
and even w/ Barack I am still po'.
I will still support him, but I am not sure what it means
because somewhere, somehow, nobody taught me how to dream.


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