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I love Mary Poppins for many reasons: British accents, dancing chimney sweeps, singing animals... but in the very beginning we are introduced to a politically charged Mrs. Banks. Before I fully understood what it meant, my nine-year-old self would march around the living room screaming "Well Done! Sister Suffragette!"

Here I am 23, and fully aware of the battles that have been fought and, more importantly, won for me to exercise my voting rights as a US citizen. I have this debate with my father. He believes that his vote doesn't matter. He points out
that the Electoral College and the millions circling around candidates makes his trip to the ballot box null and void. The unfortunate truth: many Americans think like my dad does.

In my opinion, the true conspiracy of politics is to hide the truth to those who are listening, and then dilute the rest of the public with powerlessness and complacency -make people say "It is, what it is." This saying, ladies and gentlemen will get us in trouble. I respect President Obama when he says we have to work together, but much of that begins with awareness.

Disclaimer: This is not propaganda for anarchy or a discussion of the Illuminati. Honestly, I just want to chime in for anyone, like myself, who may have dozed off in Government. Then I was 16, today I am an adult, and I have responsibilities to:

1) Understand how the Government works! While we have had bully Presidents in the past, please understand the President DOES NOT make law, HE APPROVES them. In the State of the Union Address, President Obama asked for bills on cleaner energy and the like, why? Because HE CANNOT wave a magic wand and enforce regulation. Think about that.

2) VOTE in Congressional elections! THESE ARE the people who MAKE up bills. You know SOPA/PIPA? Yeah that came from them. Do you know how many terms these people can serve, while getting paid by public (THAT MEANS YOU) dollars? AS MANY TERMS AS THEY GET ELECTED FOR! Oftentimes Senators and Representatives run (every six and two years respectively) without an opponent. Think about that.

3) Understand the Opposition! You want to win a war, study the enemy. You could sit in your corner and say "Republicans/Democrats are dumb," or you can watch a clip from The Colbert Report and discuss. You may be able to find a point on which you both agree and build from there. Are Republican candidates racist? Or are they simply saying what their constituents want to hear? Could racism be masking a more unifying topic such as the national deficit? Hmm... Think about that.

4) BELIEVE in MYSELF! No matter who is in office, or what Congress is doing, it cannot stop me from volunteering, loving, and connecting with other people. What would the world be like if we all understood that our actions do not stand alone and we could help each other, aside from the Government we live under? Think about that.

These responsibilities, to me, are equal and fair. If you feel some kind of way about my post, good. As a writer and woman coming into my strength, I believe in the power of every voice, opinion, and critical thought. I share my thoughts with you as encouragement. Voting may not be your thing, but if you refuse to participate in some way be prepared for the consequences of silence.


  1. Since the truth about this is our lives, Mrs. Poppins, must of been a great lady. Cause much of this is already understood. Unless finding a niche is the target which I think we should just be about it and not get in our self fulfilling ways. They marched and fought for reason.. So we would not have to.


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