The Time Is/People Power

If there has ever been a right time it is now
Forget the colors of the leaves on the trees

It is your heart and your voice that we need
It is your heart that beats in time with the clock that says yes right now

Deny this and die

Once upon a time for the world I constantly cried
But my fiery red eyes say no more tears but now

No more leaking beads of water rolling down my face
As I realize that I can fight and cause change in any place

This is why when I turn the page of the Black History book it is white and the bold black letters say “Why you still readin? The time is now”

My parents told me not to rush to grown because it ain’t easy
But I’ve grown to realize the fight of my ancestors in me

My girl Harriet said “You gone get tired” and Shirley shouted “A woman can do it” and because of Ms. Zora Neal Hurston I will write it a thousand times the time is Now

If you are asking time for what my friend you have put your world on mute
And I can tell you no matter how you dress it up, press it out, shake it, or throw it down ignorance is not cute

Whether you care or not it’s happening
The votes will be cast, the bills will be signed, and you may or may not be stinged

But if you are stinged by the bee of democracy please understand that there was a time before your skin grew bright red and  sore and it is Now

Hear me when I say this is not political this is human
My soul shakes awake as I turn the TV off and refuse to tune in

I couldn’t care less about the ridiculous statements made the GOP
Because the power is in me and you and you and him and her and every person who has ever wanted better

The power is with the little brown girl who stood up and said I’m just as smart and I’m just as great the little brown bow who said I’m just as capable and grew up to be President

The power is with the people and the time is NOW.



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