The Dirt On My Shoes

My vans are dirty because I like them.
No I love them.
Because when I tried them on in the store they felt like little feet pillows,
sweet relief from the tensions of the day.
And they were 65% off.
I love my vans, so I wear them
They help me maneuver quickly.
Past the hustlers and the homeless
Past the strollers and senior citizens
To get to a job I don't like 
To pay for rent, food, gas, etc.
I wore them to an event once.
It was "Hot-as-it-wanna-be" August.
After 12 hours of volunteering, dripping sweat
I was still standing with just enough strength to flirt.
I wasn't ever the girl to loose my balance in heels,
but they don't wear the same way.
They don't say I do laundry
I have fun in the rain, even though my feet might get wet
They don't say "F*ck a man I feel like being comfortable"
After about a year I am starting to notice the dirt.
Not a lot.
Just enough to change the hue from the original heather gray
With more creases.
I played tag with a 7 yr old girl in Central Park in my vans
and for ten minutes I was cooler than her mother who takes care of her everyday.
Kids are funny that way.
Heavy lifting and tip-toe kissing
Ready for the right festival or protest
Are these shoes.
I already know I'm gonna wear 'em till the sole fall out
Because that is what shoes are for.


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