Rush Limbaugh Lives On An Island

This site is meant to encourage women and discuss life from my perspective, which is female. Over time, however, I never thought for one second, that my life and experiences exist in a vacuum, nor are they merely a reaction to my environment. My life consists of both action and reactionary parts. It is important to realize how a smile may transfer from my face to someone else, that may save someone's life. This is also why I write. For some strange reason, the Republican GOP fail to realize this.
I will not slander any particular group, or stoop to any name calling level. To bring the situation to light, I believe, is embarrassing enough to us all as American citizens. The fact that in a developed nation women must yet again defend our rights to maintain healthy lives is upsetting. Sadly, however, it is easy to play upon ignorance. "The Pill" in the simplest of views, prevents pregnancies. Thus, if you want birth control you must want to have sex without consequences, and why should the public have to pay for your excessive pleasure seeking sex habits? This framework could not be further from the truth, but it easy to believe and to support. Gotcha! 

Going further down the pipeline of the simplistic scenario, women can no longer afford birth control and there are unwanted babies everywhere... The point I am trying to make here is that even if this argument were just about child prevention, (which it is NOT), a spike in the U.S. population would be everyone's problem. Or, the more likely scenario, women in poor health would be everyone's problem.

Women's issues, just like any minority issue, are PEOPLE issues, 
PEOPLE issues are everybody's problem.

By Limbaugh logic, I, as a young single woman, shouldn't have to have my money go to public schools (they're not my kids!), Social Security, and a host of other things that do not benefit me directly. In the world that Limbaugh, O'Reilly, and others live in, they exist on the perfect side of right and the rest of us squabbling heathens are not their problem.


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