The Sign I Could Not Ignore

Please touch me
The sign said "Please touch me"
There was no cup, no hustle, no excuse me ladies and gentlemen
This man simply wanted to know if he was alive
An invocation
I couldn't help
I, like everyone on their daily hustle and bustle, pretended not to notice
We did not want to see the tears in his clothes
The dirt in his nails
The unkempt mop of fine brown hair with slivers of gray
Please touch me
The sign said "Please touch me"
I wish it said "Fight the Power"
Or "Can't find work"
Something that was common and easy to ignore
He stared off into the nothing that had become a day and night with no motivation
No family perhaps, but most likely too proud to call home
I would be
I would let my foolish pride take me to the depths of that which demons dare not go
That is why I saw his sign
Please touch me
The sign said "Please touch me"
I racked my brain of all the possible outcomes
A mugging, a fight
What if he broke my hand?
Grabbed my forearm tapped into his pre-PTSD brain where he stored all of his military maneuvers
What if he simply looked me in the eyes and searched my soul?
What if he told me about everything he was by sensing everything I did not like about myself?
It was too much.
I walked on but it was embedded in my brain
In neon
Please touch me  


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