Slap a Celebrity Pimp

Oh it's Kim and Kanye now ain't that cute
I want to stand tall and give a soldier's salute
He only does what I would expect him to do
Airing all his business on a song called Theraflu
I don't look to Kanye or Steve Harvey to know what a real man likes
They want us to believe in the light is right hype
They want us to believe you have to be a certain height
Be a certain weight and body type
But the media got it all wrong
Replaying the same tired numbers so we'll chase one no good man all day long
Replaying the same numbers til we forget our daughters at home
Meanwhile she is being raised by celebrities
Can't get enough of VH1, MTV, and BET
All owned by the same sick parent company
Takin over one watered down artist at a time
He likes em long hair thick red bone
Well good thing I'm not lookin' for not a rapper to take home
Not trying to sew it in, glue it in, bleach my skin, eat heavy, just to hit the gym again
I'm good

Yeah I may switch up my hair every few weeks
But please believe I wont go broke off a habit I can't afford to keep
Talkin bout WEAVE
Its turned into a sickness
The cultural obsession with thickness and bad bitches
Like what does that even mean
Can she balance the budget and do dishes?
You see if you are worth my time, really worth my time
You'll get the cookie, me cookin, and good lovin all worth more than a dime
So I couldn't give a damn
Just couldn't give a damn if some celebrity likes a lighter version than I am
And for my fair skin sistahs this is no shade
I would hate to be romanticized and objectified that way
After centuries of survivin we still fail to see
that truly united is the only way to be
Every time we divide among some color line
Understand that the real pimps in the game win every time

***The power is in you to LOVE YOURSELF, just do it. Nike***
I got bars ;) 


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