Understand What's In Me

A Quick List:

-Before you love me you have to understand that I hate my bellybutton.
Well, I don't hate it now, but I did.
Now it just is, what it is.
I accept my bellybutton and my body,
but I won't probably ever wear a bikini that is more straps and strings than fabric. 
-Before you love me you have to understand that my dreams are in technicolor.
Like 64-inch screen, vivid HD
so when I tell you a dream that I actually remember, patiently wait for me to tell the whole thing
and be amazed that is sounds like the movie Spielberg was scared to make.
-Before you love me understand that I love my little brother more than anything.
-Before you love me understand that I need my music and chocolate more than you.
-Before you love me understand that I like to ball at Target and Trader Joe's.
I will bring home flavors of hummus that you never knew existed
and I will expect you to try it with veggie flax seed chips
as we try to figure out which color goes with what veggies
-Before you love me understand that diabetes, heart disease, and hypertension run in my family
so I will not be cooking "Soul Food" every Sunday.
-Before you love me understand that I get excited by a good debate.
-Before you love understand that I will not argue with you 
and that my indifference will kill you more than anything I could ever call you.
-Before you love me understand that this is the SHORT list.
Things may change -I will change moods like the moon phases,
but each day will be lovely because my heart has no price, measure, or comprehension
of contradictions, oddities, or the impossible.
Understand that there will be no limits because unconditional is that,
literature is not lost on me, and your silence has meaning.
If you dare to come near my heart, you must understand.

Thoughts and Feelings 


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