My New Love

I have a new religion and my tithe is tip money,
helping those directly in need to get by
cause we all know the rent is too damn high.
Please open up your menu to the book of Brunch.
The sweet and savory teachings will give you life,
you will open your heart with so many great options to try.
My pastor is friendly and preaches to the congregation:
Thou shalt know today's specials and be shown great favor.
Thou Shalt receive the fruits and bacon of their labor.
With a simple selection of unlimited beverage with my dish,
my cup runneth over,
reunited with my one true lover.
The congregation cheers and shouts Amen!
Testimonies begin to spill over the table,
Confessions of what they did because they were able.
There is no fear in the City.
More depraved than the valley this is our oasis.
Do not deny me and where gather on regular basis.
This Sunday I open to the book of Brunch.


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