Beyoncé and FLOTUS
Get All the Love

Beyoncé and FLOTUS: Two Different Role Models We Love!
By: Erin Parks

Have you ever seen a goldfish so cute you wish it didn't have to live in water so you could hug it and hold it all the time? Yeah, me neither. I have, however, seen the perfect dress/shoes/blouse to make every person mad, only to find my size is gone or my wallet is too small. I then stare wistfully at the perfect item and think, "one day." Of course, "one day" never comes and then I find myself happy and gorgeous is some other outfit, but there was still that wistful stare.
Life is funny that way. There are seldom "perfect" things or people, but if you believe that they are they give you something to look to. Now look down. It is seldom that you find a woman that makes you say "one day" instead of "ugh that witch," but people unrealistically say that about Beyoncé. If the claims are to be believed she is a fresh 30 year old with- the Regina George of all babies, a ridiculously lucrative career, and a hip-hop mogul for a husband. Cue the incredulous chin rub.
Two things:
1) If you believe everything you see, Beyoncé, in woman terms, is doing it all.
2) This would make Beyoncé an exception, the "one day" actually come true.

Basically in this case, exceptional is super-human. Her hardcore fans liken her appearances to that of the finest angel with hair made from the most virgin of all Remis. Now while we would all like to believe that we could be invincible demi-gods at some point, the fact remains that such a feat would be similar to riding the subway an entire day without stepping on/over/around trash (define that however you see fit). To put it plain, Beyoncé is a wonder -a "dreamgirl" even- and we all need dreams.

Two Things:
1) It takes a lot of confidence and intelligence to delve into a relationship with a man who could become the President.
2) Michelle Obama has willingly switched up her career flow for First Lady, and has made a complete fool out of everyone who thought she couldn't.
I've always thought that bangs were a good move on most people, but now you can ask your stylist for Obama bangs! Fact: people are less likely to give you the side-eye when you go in and say, "Make me look like Michelle Obama." This does mean that she is any less gorgeous, but part of what makes her so beautiful is that you see her in your friends, aunts, sisters, or even your own mother. In reality, FLOTUS is flanked by secret service men, but I still see the Michelle that slathered Malia and Sasha in Cocoa butter in Chicago. From the muscular arms to the now famous eye-roll, there is just something about FLOTUS. Michelle Obama is remarkable and relatable and we love it.
The point is, both women possess great talents, but exercise them in different ways. The perception of Beyoncé vs. Michelle Obama is that of inspirational vs. aspirational, but we need that. We need jazz hands and high fives. We need Diva poses and heartfelt hugs. We need them both and love them both for showing the world something different. They show us that with great sacrifice you can seemingly "have it all," or you can have what your heart has accepted. Either way, they both will be great. Yep, Beyoncé and FLOTUS get all the love. 

Note: FLOTUS= First Lady of the United States 

Let's Have a Conversation
If you could ask FLOTUS one question about being in the White House what would it be? 
How would you describe the commonalities and differences between these two women?
Men: Have Beyonce or  FLOTUS influenced how you now look at women?  
Add Your Answers in the Comments Below! 


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