Top 8 List of Things Black Women Don't Do

Top 8 List of Things Black Women Don't Do...
According to Myth and Legend

In honor of Black History month, how about we discuss the silly assumptions that people make about Black women and promise to throw them in the trash,
mmk pumpkin? K. 

8) Get married first, THEN have babies - As non-traditional families become the norm there are more women having children out of wedlock than ever before, regardless of race. However, thanks to the infamous "Welfare Queen" propaganda from the Reagan era, the population is to believe that all Black women have at least one child out of wedlock, but more commonly, multiple children fathered by different men.

7) Use an inside voice, inside - Yes, it is true we have all suffered through that person who is screaming into their cell phone, but please do not expect a Bon Qui Qui response every time you begin a conversation with a Black woman. For every loud cell phone conversation there is a group of drunk girls with one screaming, "OMG! I can't believe we just did that!"

Hollywood tried it, but maybe 10 people saw this movie.
6) Talk about things other than race (specifically, how White women are stealing our men) - Seriously, we don't all want the unfaithful ball players that are taken, and the "You Can Have It" award certainly went to Tiger's ex-wife Elin Nordegren. Although, it would make sense for us to always talk about "Where have all the good men gone" because Black women also don't...

5) Read non-fiction books, watch documentaries/foreign films, or keep up with current events - While ratings for Love and Hip-Hop would lead the public to believe otherwise, there are always two sides to the coin. Personally, after I have watched an mind-numbing display by Erica Mena, I immediately flip to The Colbert Report. Yes, Black women are part of the Nation.

4) Perform oral sex - I'm sure this myth was started by some over protective husband who didn't want the boys to know his woman was a freak, but yeah just let that one die.

3) Smile - We are all terribly angry with horrible attitudes. I mean if I have a baby in hand, on my hip, with no husband because White women took them all, what do I have to smile about?

2) Swim, run, or participate in any physical activity what so ever - There once was a time where this legend may have held up, but it is still a tall tale. Twerking is a sport. Also, see Marion Jones, Sheryl Swoopes, Venus and Serena Williams, and Gabby Douglas. Oh wait, but our hair right? Health, more than cultural influence, has always been a class issue. Those with the time and resources to eat well, take Zumba, and fix their hair afterwards will. Not to mention, the cute invention by Nicole Ari Parker that helps you "Save Your Do," has liberated Black women all over. Some Black women even hike and hold personal fitness dear. Oh, I also believe the First Lady of the United States likes to do push-ups and things of that nature.

1) Apologize! - With all the wisdom and strength of 100 Harriet Tubmans what could Black women ever have to apologize for? We are always right in the name of White Jesus.

Diamonds feel free to add your own list of
women don't" stereotypes in the comments section.
Would love to hear from you!


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  2. That is true. In American we find all this (as being black we do not do) but even in Africa they do most of this things if not all. So I guess these are things not done as Afri-Mericans - Not so much as blacks.

    Good post!

    1. Thank you for your comment! I wrote this piece to illustrate the absurdity of generalizations. Sure there are Black American women who really don't do these things, but to assume this about ALL Black women places an unspoken burden for Black women to "behave in public." Further, the stigma associated has been proven to influence job interviews and auditions.

    2. I absolutely agree. I got stuck in this state where I was taken back by one girl I intended to date. I ask her to go for a walk. She laughed at me and said walking is for white people. In heart I know not all blacks/African-Americans do it. our mind work with what it knows first hand... It is good you posted this. Will def have people thinking (it has me) ;-)


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