Night Figures

A real lady always knows when to leave she said,
don't stay past the good, and nothing good ever happens after midnight
I wouldn't ever want to admit just how right she was
The carriage into a pumpkin, the dress back to rags
My tear streaked face unrecognizable w/ blotches of ruined make-up
This would be the last time I said.
His hand covered my mouth to muffle the sound and then
I knew the mistake I had made.
No more surprise gifts or dates
No more I miss yous
No more
No mas
Dressing in silence, the shadows moved slowly
Walking briskly, they haunted me
It was early in the morning with very little sun and the wind
was even too harsh for the birds
From now until forever my memories will gloss over
the abusive glares to the kind words.
We shared a song.
This is my fiance.
My mind searched for the reason my heart could not feel.
My body just moved, haunted by the shadows. 


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