Calling Yourself a Feminist is Stupid

"What's in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet."

There has been a lot of talk this year surrounding women. We have had rape talk, sexist talk, leadership talk by way of "leaning in," but what does it all mean? Is it all just noise to keep us divided or is the definition of feminism simply evolving? Well, if you love women the answer can be found in the latter.

If you saw the Makers Documentary on PBS earlier this year, then you pretty much know the story of women's liberation in America. From suffragettes, to norm defying athletes, to female powerhouses in the boardroom women have marched and stood up for our piece of the American promise. Feminism is about freedom. Freedom is about choices. That's it. Today, women have more choices than ever before and we should embrace of all them.

I want to be free to wear a hijab or booty shorts (Is the hijab with the booty shorts too confusing?) . I want to be free to have a career, or be a housewife that yachts on the weekend without being judged. It is long overdue that we embrace our choices instead of debating which ones we should make. Outside of being unhealthy, harmful, and destructive, let's agree to love one another as women and put it all on the table. The free table includes choices. Take the ones that work for you, root for the woman next to you with hers.

Calling one woman a feminist over another is stupid, because we all are in different ways. To help the situation I have created a flowchart below for anyone who needs to find their own. Enjoy!





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