My Open Letter to Kennen Ivory Wayans

Dear Kennen Ivory Wayans,

      You do not know me, but you have altered my life greatly. I would say you have ruined my life, but by most standards I am better than fine. As an 80's baby (Woot!), my mother and I faithfully watched
"In Living Color" into the early-90's.

While I enjoyed the sketches- Homie the Clown and Ms. Benita being my favorites- the Fly Girls were everything. Somehow they were able to bring just the right amount of grace and style to otherwise staccato, bland movements. They were all different shades, with different features, leading me to believe that I too could one day join the elite ranks of flyness. I would "jam" to the beginning theme song. I would "jam" out to the commercial break. I would help "take it home." I believed I could do what I wanted to, and even at age 5, I knew the DJ booth was the epicenter of cool.

Then all of a sudden, with the entire cast gathered (which now included Jamie Foxx!), you announced the end. There would be no more Fly Girl dance breaks. I was upset, and there hasn't been anything like it since. More than a model and more dignified than the average video girl, the Fly Girls were a group all of their own. This was an age before lace fronts and skinny jean wearing rappers- a simpler time.
My young hip-shaking self knew something had died that day.

After seeing J. Lo's Behind the Music (oh yeah VH1 you got a letter coming too), I later learned that the life wasn't so glamorous. Fast forward to my life today and it is also pretty far from glamorous. I have developed a fear of bed bugs and still do not understand why cocktails cost $10. Yes, I did make it to New York. Oh, and I still break it down from time to time. You know what, I even have an eclectic earring collection. When I think about it, writing this letter, I suppose I became a Fly Girl in a different way...
Nah, forget that, you kinda ruined my life.

Sincerely Still Jamming in Spandex,
From a Former-Would-Have-Been-Fly-Girl...

This is about as close as I got... ;)

FULL DISCLOSURE: I tried to go-go dance at a couple spots when I first moved, but that's not the same thing. Now I hit up open mics with my poetry, cause you know, I'm all creative and what not.

P.S. - I get that legal stuff with FOX had something to do with it... so I can write them a letter too if you want.



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