It's Not Harassment, Just Smile

In every room, in every space, there is a box
A bright pink box, with a bright pink top, with a bow
Inside the box is the non exhaustive, often confusing list of all things feminine
This list is built by society, sold to kids, and held up to girls
Merry Gender Day
This is your box
A bright pink box, with a bright pink top, with a bow
Contents include something like dresses for special occasions,
heels as much as possible,
manicured nails and neatly shaped eyebrows for heavens sake,
long hair if it is naturally yours…
Oh and a smile
The box demands that I smile to make ease of your virility exercises
By relaxing my face muscles and curling up the edges
I am acceptable
This curious motion is somehow directly tied to my intelligence,
strength, and abilities to walk in public
We tricked you God
Anything outside of this box is too scary, too intimidating,
too bad she doesn't know what's good for her
Never knowing how a situation could escalate
is of no consequence
I should trust men and their intentions with a smile
Prevention is not feminine
F@%k my personal safety
When in doubt check the box
the femme box
FEMME, Hey, we didn't program you to speak out!
You! Get back in your box!


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