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A Sneak Peak at the book Breaking Branches

  Since the beginning of time, women have been drawn to the unkown. There is something thrilling about uncertainty. When the paths that twist and turn to take us to a place sweeter than the cupcake shop reveal themselves, we choose to put one foot in front of the other. Even if you are not such a woman you will lend an eager ear to the ones who are. ;)

In celebration, or perhaps, as an ode to gripping allure, J. Kahele has written the first installment of a fantastical drama- Breaking Branches. The story follows Christia Cartwright whose freewheeling steers her in the arms of Michael Wellington. More than meets the eye, Wellington draws Christia in to a world she could not have imagined.

We spent some time talking to Mr. Wellington to find out more about the character that leads Tia, and the reader on a new journey. If you are wondering what this has to do with neo-  feminism, well, maybe you should read the book. ;)


The character's name is Michael Wellington, no nickname. ;) 
Her Diamondback: What is your character's hair color? 
Michael Wellington: Sandy brown
HD: Eye color? 
MW: Chestnut
HD: What kind of distinguishing facial features does your character have? 
MW: I have a square chiseled jaw with a shadow of a beard.
HD: Who does he wish he were closest to?
MW: Tia Cartwright
HD: Where was your character born? 
MW: Oregon, and since then I've lived in Maui. Maui is home for me.
HD: Where does your character go when hes angry? 
MW: To the cliff
HD: What is his biggest fear? 
MW: Losing Tia, she knows this because I've told her. 

HD: Who would she never tell this to?
MW: Marcus, because Marcus is the enemy. He wants to use Tia for her gifts, not caring whether he destroys her or not. Michael lives only to protect her from the wrath of Marcus.
HD: Does he/she have a secret? 
MW: Yes. He acquired special gifts after a nuclear explosion.
HD: What makes your character laugh out loud? 
MW: Tia probably is the person who makes me laugh the most with her immature ways.
HD: What is one strong memory that has stuck with your character from childhood?
MW:  The explosion. 

HD: Why is it so powerful and lasting?
MW: When you have good, you have evil. The gifts I acquired force me to fight the evil that wishes to gain power from these gifts.

If you would like to see how dark it gets, Breaking Branches is available now on Amazon. :)


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