In Defense of Not Dancing at Work

I love to dance. If you have ever been around me two vodka crans in, I am clearing the floor of "da club" or hyping people up in "da bahh." Dancing is a beautiful thing. Busting out goofy moves to rachet trap music is all of the fun and shenanigans found in a Dr. Seuss book made for millennials. However, turning up mid-day at work, when you still have email to check and calls to make, may be ill-advised.

In case you missed it, there was a fun video that went viral of a news anchor getting it in to T.I.'s "Where they at doe?" Of course he was male, White, and blonde because why else would people share if it wasn't funny and ironic? I'm not mad the video went viral. I watched it, I giggled a bit. What really burnt my cookies was the public bashing of the lady anchor for not dancing. Allow me to illustrate:

Yep, and she probably doesn't talk to drunk guys who grab first and ask questions later. That whore. 

Who knew that Jesus was in the trap?  

Busting out the C-word on a Youtube video. This guy is sitting on top of the world.

No, Banksy at, there are 2 types of reporters in this world, 
ones who do their job and jerks.

Now, I have to admit that I don't know this woman from Eve. She may be uptight or she may have just been, wait for it, AT MOTHERF*CKIN WORK! If I had a dollar for every time some special person thought I was supposed to be their personal jester in between conference calls I could still be on vacation. Maybe she thought to herself, What would Sheryl Sandberg do? and decided to lean out on twerking. I don't blame her. Whether women are leaning in, leaning out, or doing the damn hokey pokey, sometimes you just can't win. 

Instead of talking about what a prude she may be, why can't we talk about the privilege he has to: 1) Dance at work and not get brought up on "inappropriate behavior," 2) Not be called a "silly man" for dancing at work, and 3) Not be labeled ignorant or uneducated for listening to trap music. 

*Sips tea

As soon as the music started, as his co-anchor, I'm sure she already knew what was about to go down. It may have even been the third time that day. She also probably ran down the scenario 5 ways from Sunday: "What will happen if I cut loose with this man on camera?" Or maybe, as she stated on the video, she already has a set protocol for these situations and she "can't dance on camera." 

Plain and simple. 

Not respecting a woman's decision to put herself in what she sees as a compromising position is rude AF. Men do not question us when we decide to not dance, or smile, or have another drink. All you have to do is take your fun-loving self to another side of the room and find someone your speed. Ladies don't push your girlfriends to "let it go," because we're getting a psycho vibe from the new "love of your life." I mean, didn't the sister almost die in that movie? Yeah, I think I'll trust myself on when to cut loose and give zero f*cks about who's bothered. 



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