4 Top Feminists Posts This Week
from non-Feminist Blogs

Rarely do I venture into blog curation-land. Mainly because there are other sites that do it better. I tell stories, and believe in staying in my lane. However, I came across a few posts this week that blew my mind. This is also something that rarely happens because I'm can be a critical little bee. Anywho! Take this top 4, cherish it, share it, look cooler to your friends, etc.

1) Black, queer, feminist, erased from history: Meet the most important legal scholar you’ve likely never heard of. By:

Now, Salon actually bothers me. As in, I boycotted them after the "Inner N*gger" article about President Obama. No, I will not link. It was trash. I also do not always agree with Professor Cooper. This article, however, was a beautifully simple re-telling of history- history that I would never had known otherwise. As the piece is hardly controversial, I also doubt it received the clicks it deserved, so go do that.

2) Fifty Shades of Gilded Cages. By: Arthur Chu

This is one of the best "50 Shades" critiques I have ever read. No, I have not read the book. I saw two pages of the physical book and refused to subject myself to torture. Is literary BDSM a thing? Anywho, Mr. Chu broke down real appeal of this Christian Grey guy and it seemed pretty spot on. Not only that, but he wove his analysis into the gendered consumer nonsense that gets hurled at us daily. I love when an author can link pop culture to broader issues, kind of like this blogger I know... ;)  

3) Mo'Nique: I Was "Blackballed" After Winning My Oscar. By: Seth Abramovitch

I am listing this article because it makes sense. Of course there are always two sides to every story, so whether or not she deserves to be pushed out of roles and is actually "difficult" depends on who you talk to. The deliberate course of action however- taking her name off the table for roles- is very real. I haven't seen her in ANYTHING lately. I mean, not even in a BET commercial, and this is after her being EVERYWHERE for nearly a decade. The specifics may be murky, but there is no doubt that gender/race/size play a part in this. It is a reminder that it is never good enough to "get skin in the game," but that you have to always be ready for the unwritten and ever-changing rules.

4) 5 Mistakes We Make in Relationships By: Superwoman

OK, I'm cheating a little bit with this one, but I was on her channel for 50 minutes yesterday, so this mention is happening. I've also come to the conclusion that we should be friends/Bhangra dance partners, or maybe I'll just stalk her on-line like a normal person. Either way, I really like what she has to say, and I dig the way she says it. (And Yes, I'm Columbusing because she's been doing her thing for about two years.)

There you have it. These were just a few things that stood out to me this week. For regular feminist news, definitely check out Feministing.com. For more Diamondback musings sound off on Twitter!


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